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Breast lift, or mastopexy, is a popular procedure in those women looking to rejuvenate the appearance of their breasts, but are comfortable with their breast volume. Whether it's from breastfeeding, weight loss, or normal aging, a breast lift can dramatically improve the look and feel of sagging, deflated breasts. With a reputation for unparalleled patient satisfaction in Chicago and the North Shore,  Dr. Seth will ensure you achieve the results that you're looking for.

    • Procedure Length: 1.5-2.5 hours
    • Anesthesia: General
    • Disposition: Outpatient
    • Recovery: 2-3 weeks

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Why A Breast Lift?

A breast lift can transform your breasts, leaving you more confident about how you look and feel inside and outside of clothing. Common reasons that Dr. Seth's patients consider a breast lift include:

  • Sagging breasts that have lost their shape or volume from breast-feeding, weight loss, or with aging
  • Improve symmetry of breasts that are misaligned
  • Correct differences in size between your areola
  • Rejuvenate the breasts and abdomen at the same time after pregnancy as part of a 'mommy makeover'

What Are My Options?

A breast lift, or mastopexy, can help your breasts appear more sculpted and perky. Depending on your breast anatomy, Dr. Seth will discuss different options with you to ensure that he meets or exceeds your cosmetic goals and expectations. These options include:

  • Incision Type
    • Concentric: Using this technique, Dr. Seth uses an incision around your entire areola to lift the position of your nipple and the surrounding breast skin. The scar blends within the color of your areola, but only produces a small amount of actual breast lift.
    • Circumvertical: This technique uses both an incision around your areola along with a vertical incision along the lower part of your breast. Often called the 'lollipop' scar, Dr. Seth uses a circumvertical incision when patients need a moderate amount of lift.
    • Anchor: With an anchor scar, Dr. Seth uses a circumvertical technique but adds a horizontal incision in the breast crease. Although it requires more scars, this technique provides the most amount lift of all three techniques. Fortunately, all of the scars tend to heal and conceal well over time.
  • Breast Lift With Implant Placement
    • For some patients, breast augmentation (implant placement) at the time of breast lift surgery may be an attractive option. Dr. Seth uses this technique for patients interested in both breast rejuvenation, but also a larger or fuller breast size. During your initial consultation, Dr. Seth will discuss your unique goals and expectations to determine if a simultaneous breast lift and augmentation is right for you.
  • Breast Lift After Implant Removal
    • Dr. Seth often sees women from Chicago or the North Shore that are interested in removing their breast implants, but are worried about their breasts sagging or appearing deflated afterwards. Fortunately, Dr. Seth is often able to perform a breast lift at the same time as implant removal to ensure your breasts continue to appear youthful and perky.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of breast lift surgery can vary between $8,700 and $10,100. For those patients interested in a breast lift with implants, that cost can vary between $11,000 and $13,000. These costs are individualized to each patient and can depend on several factors, including:

  • Fees charged by the anesthesiologist and surgical facility
  • The surgical technique and anticipated technical difficulty of your procedureExpected duration of your procedure
  • Type of implant used (if applicable)

After your consultation,  you will receive an individual quote for the anticipated cost of your breast lift. If you are interested, third-party payment plans may be available for eligible patients.

Read what our patients are saying!

"It's been a real pleasure so far being Dr. Seth's patient. He is professional in every way and does a beautiful job as a surgeon. I could not be more happy with the results thus far and would recommend Dr. Seth to anyone who needs his professional care."


"My experience with Dr. Seth was that he was very thorough and thoughtful throughout my pre and post surgery experience.  My expectations of what would happen and how my surgery would work, how I would look post surgery were addressed and met. His staff was readily available to answer any questions I had during pre and post-surgery.  I genuinely felt safe and that I was in his good hands."


"I am so happy I chose Dr. Seth to do my breast lift.  I am 6 months post surgery and so happy with the results.  He is very thorough and kind.  He took his time explaining surgery and prepared me on what to expect.  Everyone in his office is kind and friendly."


Frequently Asked Questions

What are my restrictions after surgery?

  • Generally most patients begin feeling like themselves again after only a few days. Dr. Seth will place you in a surgical bra immediately after surgery and ask that you wear it or a sports bra at all times for up to 4 weeks after surgery. You will be ok to resume light activity whenever you feel comfortable. Generally, more strenuous activity and exercise can be slowly resumed starting at 4-weeks after surgery.

When can I drive?

  • You are ok to drive once you are no longer taking any 'strong' or narcotic pain medication and when you feel comfortable behind the wheel to be safe.

When can I go back to work?

  • You can return to work when you feel comfortable to do so, keeping in mind your activity restrictions. For most patients, this means going back to work after 2-3 weeks.

When can I get resized for a bra?

  • Dr. Seth typically recommends waiting at least 2-3 months after surgery before getting resized and buying new bras. This will allow all of the swelling in your breasts to resolve and for your breasts to take on their final size and shape.

Do I have to wear a bra after surgery?

  • For the first 4 weeks after surgery, Dr. Seth will have you wear a surgical bra or sports bra at all times. After that, Dr. Seth will recommend that you wear a bra during the day when you are active, but not at all times. Many of Dr. Seth's patients are thrilled that they can be perky and comfortable without a bra, after always wearing bulky, supportive bras prior to surgery.

What can I do for my scars?

  • Although the scars from breast lift surgery tend to heal well and fade over time, there are certain scar care tips that Dr. Seth will recommend after surgery to help optimize the appearance of your scars. These may include scar massage, good sunscreen, and scar creams. In general, most of Dr. Seth's breast lift patients are so thrilled with their new breasts that they are not bothered at all by their scars.

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