Liposuction continues to be one of the best procedures for making focused, yet transformative, improvements to the contour of your neck and body. In particular, patients with areas of stubborn, lingering fat that don't improve with a healthy diet and exercise are ideal candidates for liposuction. As a trusted name in Chicago and the North Shore,  Dr. Seth is an expert at utilizing liposuction to achieve exceptional results customized to your goals.

  • Procedure Length: 30 minutes to 2 hours (depending on number of areas)
  • Anesthesia: Twilight or General
  • Disposition: Outpatient
  • Recovery: 1-2 weeks

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Why Liposuction?

Liposuction is a safe and easy procedure for improving the curves and contours of your body with minimal scarring and recovery. It is important to know that liposuction is not weight loss surgery, and is not an effective option in significantly overweight patients. Dr. Seth finds that the best candidates for liposuction are generally in good shape, but have focused areas that do not improve despite diet and exercise. Common areas that Dr. Seth performs liposuction for include:

  • 'Double-chin' or Neck Region
  • Arm-pit or 'Bra Bulge'
  • Upper or Lower Abdomen ('Muffin Top')
  • 'Love Handles' or Flanks
  • Arms or 'Bat Wings'
  • Upper 'Back Fat'
  • Buttocks, Thighs, or Legs

What Are My Options?

Although liposuction is a very straight-forward procedure that provides consistent and exceptional results, Dr. Seth may discuss some of the following options with you:

  • Type of Liposuction
    • Standard or 'Tumescent' Liposuction
    • Power-Assisted or Ultrasonic Liposuction (e.g. during Male Breast Reduction surgery)
  • Liposuction Combined with Other Procedures
    • Dr. Seth often performs liposuction in combination with other procedures including breast augmentation, breast lift or reduction, tummy tuck, or facelift.
  • Liposuction for Fat Grafting
    • Dr. Seth removes your own fat using liposuction and then injects it into another part of your body to improve its appearance. Dr. Seth often does this for improving contour irregularities of the face or during the breast reconstruction process.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of liposuction can vary widely between $2,000 and $10,000. This cost is individualized to each patient and can depend on several factors, including:

  • Fees charged by the anesthesiologist and surgical facility
  • The number of areas being treated
  • The expected length of your surgery

After your consultation, you will receive an individual quote for the anticipated cost of your liposuction procedure. If you are interested, third-party payment plans may be available for eligible patients.

Read what our patients are saying!

"Dr Seth was so helpful throughout my process. Weighing pros and cons and sharing all aspects of what to expect for recovery etc.  Everyone was so easy to work with from the schedulers to the nurses. I had to change my surgery date 3 times and everyone was so accommodating. I literally never waited for more than 3 hours to get responses via email. So glad I found Dr Seth and his office!"


"I got my breast reconstruction and chin/neck lipo and I’m so so so happy with the results!!! Dr. Seth and his team are wonderful, they’re nice, understanding and provide a lot of details and information on the procedures being done. I highly recommend them!!!"


"Dr Akhil Seth is one of the most amazing plastic surgeons that I have ever met. He is super professional and talented. During my consultation with him, he  made sure that I was fully educated about my upcoming procedures. He took the time to discuss my options and made sure that what I chose was the best option for me"


Frequently Asked Questions

What are my restrictions after surgery?

  • Generally most patients begin feeling like themselves again after only a few days. Dr. Seth will place you in a surgical compression garment immediately after surgery and ask that you wear it at all times for 4 weeks after surgery. You will be ok to resume light activity whenever you feel comfortable. Generally, more strenuous activity and exercise can be slowly resumed starting at 4 weeks after surgery.

When can I drive?

  • You are ok to drive once you are no longer taking any 'strong' or narcotic pain medication and when you feel comfortable behind the wheel to be safe.

When can I go back to work?

  • You can return to work when you feel comfortable to do so, keeping in mind your activity restrictions. For most patients, this means going back to work after 1-2 weeks.

When can I go to the gym or workout?

  • In general, to minimize swelling and achieve the best cosmetic results, Dr. Seth recommends no strenuous exercise or heavy lifting for 4 weeks after surgery.

When can I expect my final results?

  • Generally, Dr. Seth expects you to achieve your final results from liposuction after 1 to 3 months, depending on the amount of fat removed and the number of areas treated.

What can I do for my scars?

  • Dr. Seth performs liposuction using tiny, well-concealed scars that tend to heal very well. The result is an improved body contour and appearance that is almost 'scar-less'. If needed, there are certain scar care tips that Dr. Seth may recommend after surgery to help optimize the appearance of your scars. These may include scar massage, good sunscreen, and scar creams.

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